General Questions

What is the Difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Counselling offers people an opportunity to explore, understand and alleviate concerns or difficulties in an atmosphere of safety and confidentiality. Counselling tends to be relatively short term and focuses on current personal circumstances. The aim is to help the client to gain insight and understanding into their symptoms or distress and to find ways to resolve their concerns or difficulties. This often leads to more appropriate ways of coping and an easing of symptoms.

Psychotherapy is a longer process, which helps people to recognize the deeper roots of their present difficulties. Psychotherapy allows people to explore and make sense of past experiences and to acknowledge the impact that these experiences may still be having on them in and how they are living their lives, often unconsciously. This is achieved by looking at thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experiences of the person. In this way past traumas are cleared and development is assisted in a process that takes place with the therapist.


Your privacy is assured and everything we talk about in the sessions is completely confidential, with one exception in extreme circumstances where I believe there is risk that you are in danger to yourself and to others.

What to expect

We meet at weekly scheduled meetings in a private setting at the same time and on the same day every week. I work with a variety of methods broadly referred to as integrative and humanistic approach. This enables me to work with what is happening for you from the point of view of your thoughts, your feelings, your physical self as well as what may be in the unconscious. My approach is client-centered and therefore flexible and tailored according to what each individual client needs.

What kinds of issues can be helped by therapy/counselling?

I work with people facing a wide range of issues and concerns, which may be preventing them from leading a happy and fulfilling life. Therapy can assist with managing stress including panic attacks, conflicts at work, life crises and communication difficulties leading to more effective coping strategies. Issues such as depression, anxiety, abuse, and bereavement can be explored and understood. Relationship issues can also be explored including separation, divorce and family conflicts making new ways of engaging possible. Any difficulty can be brought to therapy and explored in confidence.

Dawn Counselling and Psychotherapy

Life can be difficult. Sometimes you may feel panicked, out of control of your life - or lost and confused and not know what to do, or just what is right for you.

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How do you feel?

How do you feel?

You may be looking for some hope in a situation that seems desperate. You may be looking for a solution or want to change. Or you may simply need to talk and for someone to listen.

What Psychotherapy can do for you

What Psychotherapy can do for you

It can help you to clarify what you want from life, address your needs and take responsibility: learning to live, risk, love, hope and engage more fully with life from a place of deeper wisdom within yourself.


Who I am

am a qualified and experienced counsellor and psychotherapist and have worked with clients of all ages and backgrounds.